Kommentierte Curriculum Vitae


Mahnaz Hosseini, who grew up in Tehran as the youngest child of 7, knew from the beginning that she wanted to become an artist. She spent her days drawing everything in her environment, never being satisfied with what she had drawn, always striving for perfection.

At the age of 19 Mahnaz Hosseini studied arts at the “Tandis” academy of arts in Tehran, whose director, the Iranian artist Parviz Habipoor, personally took care of her education. After having finished her studies she worked there as a lecturer for about 3 years.

Deeply touched by the simple and difficult life and especially by the great poverty in the rural areas, Mahnaz Hosseini kept travelling to the villages. Her paintings from that time are full of movement and the people’s faces bear witness of their sufferings.
In contrast to those paintings her landscape paintings embody the beauty, perfection and harmony of nature.

Mahnaz Hosseini’s paintings and sculptures can be seen in various well-known private galleries. Until the present she has had many single exhibitions (15 in Iran and 5 in Germany) and countless community exhibitions. In addition Mahnaz Hosseini not only took part in three events for “the fine arts of the Middle Eastern countries” in Tehran but also in two important charity events for haemophiliacs and for orphans.

Of great importance to Mahnaz Hosseini is her close cooperation with Aida Sarkissian, the widow of the most famous Iranian poet Ahmad Shamlou. Together they work on his unpublished works.

Unfortunately, as it is the case all over the world, one cannot survive with art alone. Yet Mahnaz Hosseini always managed to find fields of activities where she could integrate her artistic talent, was it as a fabric, fashions or furniture designer or as a University and private lecturer in the fine arts sector.

Mahnaz Hosseini’s love for arts has always driven her to broaden her knowledge and by that she has now reached what had always been her dream: the creation of an art of perfect beauty.

S.R.M. (Berlin, 3rd of April 2007)